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eunice// life is like a rainbow only with many more colours.

cuteness overload!

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I kinda like him more for saying that. 

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Shinhwa’s 11th Album “The Classic” teaser photos <3 

Men in their thirties…Still. so. hot.

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- Hyesung: Well, we all know how much he love sesame u_ù
- Junjin: Inspired by ShinBang ep.30, when he and Hyesung had breakfast at McDonald, lol.
- Eric: Inspired by his old CF ‘Goo Goo Cone’ :3
- Andy: … We all know, ok.
- WooDong: Do you remember their nicknames in ShinBang ep.1? uvu

Can’t help but fall in love with each of them.
and @askshinhwa’s drawings are just wonderful.

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exactly what one of my friends was talking about on facebook earlier. 

i’m just hoping murray win=british shopping sale period. 

oh the shallowness of me.

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After the comeback stage (x)

young at heart, these men are young at heart. that’s what makes them so hot.

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Shinhwa ‘The Classic’  |  This Love

My initial impression was “hmmm, so there’s only one catchy line in the song?” but upon listening to it for the 2nd, 3rd (and yes even the 4th) time, I’ve gotta say this is a song that sticks in your head. Even if you can’t quite put a finger as to why it does. Genius, simply genius.

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I’m a happy shipper:D 
(can’t believe I reposted the exact same thing previously-.-)

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Dougie' story before Obviously - Memory Lane tour, Manchester.

missing the notts concert already.

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